His Engagement

His Engagement

It was their 7th anniversary. He was wearing a grey long sleeves polo that accentuates his masculinity while she’s wearing an old rose halter dress that shows her every curve. They went to a studio where they had their photos taken as a memorial of their seventh year.

After their little photo shoot, they went to the restaurant where he made reservation for their dinner. Unknown to her, that was extra special. The restaurant staff are not only gathered to greet them a happy anniversary, they’re there to take and videos as he finally asked ‘the’ question.

I felt my chest aching a bit as I watched him nervously held her hand before reaching for the box inside his pants and kneeled down while all the restaurant staff around them are very excited. She wiped her tears graciously and… that’s when I closed the Facebook tab and shut down my laptop. I can’t watch beyond that. I just can’t.

I had enough internet for now and it’s only 4 in the afternoon.

That’s one thing that we all love about Facebook. Stalking has never been this easy, right ladies? Nah, just kidding.

Well, who’s that guy anyway? Let me take you back twelve years ago. The year was 2006 and I was in my senior year.

High school, like my grade school years, is pretty boring and normal. Like really, no lates, few absences, all school work, being part of the top, that’s how it is since first grade. The only ‘action’ I’m getting was sleeping in the class, getting called by the teacher to recite and still get it right.

So, going back to that guy. He is the guy I tried really hard not to like. Why? Because he is my friend. Some of you would think it’s O.K. to like him, some of you would say it’s a good decision to keep things platonic. Well, aside from him being my friend, I also don’t like the idea of ME loving someone who’s not interested. One-sided shit is not my thing. I am not prepared for that.

It started when we’re in sophomore. We used to hang out in their house with our other friends, playing video games where they let me win sometimes or we sometimes go biking around the neighborhood. At first, it’s just a simple crush. Admiring a person for his physical appearance is easy but as we spend more time together, I slowly started liking his personality too.

Senior year was a memorable year too. We’re in the same class again but this time, I was in a relationship with a guy from a different class. I know we can’t be together so I said yes to a guy who’s a bit obsessed with me.

We sit on the same row so he usually cover me up whenever I sleep in class. He made my electronics project and I did his project for home economics.

Senior ball is the final highlight of our high school life. As expected, my date for that night was my boyfriend but that didn’t stop me from dancing with all of my guy friends. We danced to (upbeat songs) ’til (sweet song) started playing. At first I thought my boyfriend would come and dance with me but instead, he came.

We danced playfully at first, making weird dance moves on such a slow, sweet song. In the middle of the song, he turned serious and hugged me a bit. “You look so happy now. I hope it stays that way” he said. He sounded so serious that I even joked about it. It’s unusual for him to act like that.

College years, we drifted part. We studied in different schools with different courses. We started having our own lives and before I knew it, we’re already graduating. A lot of things happened. I’m single for two years and I thought he is too. I thought I can finally confess to him, ’cause that time, I’m ready for it. I’m prepared to get dumped, to be honest.

That’s when I saw it on Facebook. Yeah, thanks Facebook for saving me from humiliation. His post says “She said yes, FINALLY!” I didn’t need to say it face to face huh? Universe already telling me to quit it, so I did. I didn’t attend the reunion where I’m supposed to confess my feelings. Good thing because he brought his girlfriend.

Now this. His engagement. Like, what the actual fuck? At least he’s happy, right?


(P.S. Posts published under #SaveLiterature are works of fiction.)

Letters For Tiny Hooman #1

Letters For Tiny Hooman #1

I wanna meet someone/anyone right now. But I don’t wanna disturb my friends..

Also thinking if I should just cry and smoke instead jahahh

First of all girl, I told you before that I’m just here. I’m waiting for you to reach out (because I reached out to you before and you declined, like I’m the last person you’ll ever talk to) but you never did.

At first, I thought it’s OK since you have friends that you actually wanna talk to. Like, I know you don’t consider me as a friend and I don’t wanna insist a one-sided friendship. Disregard what happened before. Forget it. I can confidently say that I’ve recovered from that now and I’m totally fine now. I hope you can put that behind too.

I honestly want to be your friend, you know.

Just try it. Try me.

Pasig River Master Plan Completed

Pasig River Master Plan Completed

The PRRC, in collaboration with UP PLANADES, designed the Pasig River Integrated and Strategic Master Plan (PRISM) with a vision that by 2032, the Pasig River and its surrounding basins are resilient life-sustaining ecosystems that are able to support diverse human needs and biodiversity towards inclusive, harmonized, and balanced development co-managed by competent and adaptive institutions with responsible and empowered communities.

This new restoration strategy covers water quality management, stream flow management, catchment management and riparian management so that the Pasig River will again enshrine socioeconomic, aesthetic, environmental, recreational and cultural values amid changing risks and natural perturbations.

The illustration below provides a brief summary of the integrated wastewater treatment systems, one of the 19 priority projects proposed in the PRISM to help improve the water quality of the Pasig River, and for concerned agencies to comply with concession agreement, and other environmental laws.


PH’s Pasig River Vies for Asia River Prize Award

PH’s Pasig River Vies for Asia River Prize Award

Who else wants to support for the success of PH’s Pasig River entry in Asia Riverprize? Philippines’ Pasig River and China’s Yangtze River competes for the Asia River Prize award.

The Philippines’ Pasig River, the cradle of early Manila civilization, has been selected as a finalist in the first ever Asia Riverprize by the prestigious International River Foundation (IRF) which recognizes and rewards organizations who are making a difference through effective river basin restoration and management programs.

It is a back-to-back nomination for the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission (PRRC) who just came from a successful campaign in the 2017. Thiess International Riverprize competition where the Pasig River was hailed as runner-up to the winner, San Antonio River of Texas, USA.

PRRC Executive Director Jose Antonio E. Goitia says that the consecutive entries of the Pasig River as a finalist in the 2017 and 2018 Thiess International and Asia Riverprize, respectively, is a testament that the world recognizes the efforts of the Philippine government to restore the Pasig River and its environs since PRRC was established in 1999.”

Initially, the competition was called the Asia-Pacific Riverprize Awards which was opened to entrants from New Zealand, Australia, and 45 other countries. However, according to the IRF, due to the high number and quality of entries received, they have made the decision to split the promoted Asia-Pacific Riverprize into two: Asia-Pacific and another category for the Australasia Riverprize.

After a series of tedious deliberations, the IRF has announced and congratulates the organizations chosen as Asia Riverprize finalists with the highest honors in river restoration and protection namely: the Pasig River (Philippines) and the Yangtze River (China).

Goitia adds “last year, the Philippines is the only third world and developing country that made it into the international finals and bravely competed with the US and the United Kingdom. In this year’s Asia Riverprize, we will be facing another super power – the red dragon, China. However, with an indomitable spirit, we remain steadfast and optimistic that we will stand triumphant in the end.”

In behalf of the IRF’s board of river basin experts, IRF Director Professor Bill Dennison says that “these different river stories are united by a common theme: excellence in river management.”

The Riverprize is not a competition of which river is more beautiful or cleaner. This is the reason why IRF, comprised of river management experts and professionals from around the world, has given importance and consideration to the rehabilitation efforts of the PRRC to bring back the Pasig River system to life. It has acknowledged PRRC’s commitment in delivering quality projects, programs, and activities in easement recovery, housing and settlement, riverbanks development, waste and water quality management, and public awareness.

Compared to the 1990s when it was declared “biologically dead,” the Pasig River’s condition now has significantly improved. Although the Pasig River development is a work in progress, many areas along the historic river have already shown signs of aquatic life and it has already become conducive for transport, recreation, and tourism.

PRRC’s Executive Director Jose Antonio E. Goitia, together with Public Information, Advocacy and Tourism Division Head George Oliver G. De La Rama, will be presenting and defending the Philippines’ Pasig River entry to a panel of esteemed judges in the upcoming 21st International Riversymposium on October 14 to 18, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. Members of PRRC’s Management Committee will also form part of the Philippine delegation.

The winner of the 2018 Asia Riverprize will receive widespread global recognition which can build new partnerships, provide opportunities for exchange of knowledge and best practices, and open doors for international support. Furthermore, the winner will automatically qualify for Stage Two of the Thiess International Riverprize in 2019.

As one nation, the PRCC seeks everyone’s support to its Pasig River entry in the 2018 Asia Riverprize. The Pasig River’s victory is the victory of the Philippines and every Filipino who works hard and shares the same vision of saving our waterways and the environment. It will be triumph of all who believe that the dream of a clean Pasig River is within reach!

Instinct – Lenses

Instinct – Lenses

It all started when he was three. At first, it seemed normal because children at that age are actually prone to falling or tumbling and scratching their knees. Once or twice is pretty normal, right?

Then it started to happen more frequently. My heart skipped a beat when the thought came that probably something’s wrong in my son’s eyes.

Maybe he can’t see that step on the stairs where he tripped. Maybe he missed that small landing where he fell and scratched his knee. Maybe he can’t see the letters clearly that’s why he’s writing them the opposite direction.

My heart told me that something might be wrong. I voiced it out to my husband and to my aunt and mom who are living with us. All of them said the same thing: “It’s normal.”

Four nights ago, I asked him to practice reading since it’s part of their assignment. I noticed how near the booklet needs to be for him to read properly. At that moment, I remembered the things I noticed from when he was a kid. Continue reading “Instinct – Lenses”



This is weird. Maybe this already happened to some of you but that was the first time it happened to me.

It happened around seven to eight years ago when I was studying Wicca. I was reading Scott Cunningham’s Spell Craft and one of the simplest crafts there is the “God’s Eye”. I used a pair barbecue sticks and yarns ( purple and blue ). During the time that I am making it, all I think of is “Please show me what I must see”. I started making it in the afternoon after school, then continued ’til before bedtime. Right after I tie it, I suddenly feel exhausted and sleepy. I placed it under my pillow, hoping to get any message through my dream.

A few moments after I lay down, I started dreaming. Continue reading “Ancestry”



I remember her sitting beside me. Her wavy hair getting in the way for me to see her face clearly. These days, I only remember glimpses of what happened, a snapshot of that certain moment. I remember her smiling. Whatever we’re talking about, it must’ve been about her special someone ’cause she’s blushing a bit.

I can’t really remember where it happened. In the pantry maybe, or in the jeepney we’re riding home. We used to go home together because we’re on the same way but we didn’t do it a lot ’cause I’m afraid of getting attached.

You see, friendship is still a relationship and in every relationship there will always be expectations. I know what I can do for someone, specially for friends, and sometimes that makes me dumb. I hate doing dumb things for worthless people just because of some stupid reason. I’ve been there.

Continue reading “Memories”

Kilay Is Life

Alas onse ng sabado noon, kakasakay ko lang ng jeep nang may sumakay ding isang estudyante. Medyo chubby sya, hanggang baywang ang buhok at pang-rakista ang pormahan; black knitted shirt, tokong na maong at boots. Isa sa pinaka-una kong napansin sa kanya ay yung kilay nya. Usong-uso ngayon ang ‘kilay is life’ at mukhang yun din ang tina-try i.achieve ni Ate Girl to the point na nanglalaban na. Tipong di pa sya galit, mukha nanagad syang galit. Sinubukan kong iwasan na tignan sya kaso may napansin ulit ako. Akala ko may something sa bibig nya pero naka-brace pala sya at medyo hirap i.close yung labi.

Paglampas ng Buting, may sumakay na kakilala nya na kinalabit at kinausap sya. Doon ko nakita yung ngiti nya, ang ganda nya pala. Parang nagliliwanag yung buong mukha nya kapag nakangiti sya, she even have dimples. Confirmed, ‘di bagay yung kilay nya sa kanya. May kamukha syang batang artista ng GMA dati eh kaso di ko na maalala yung pangalan.

Sana next time, she’ll tone down her eyebrows, she’s more beautiful that way.

Naranasan mo na ba?

Naranasan mo na ba na kabisado mo ang sapatos ng mga tao sa paligid mo ng hindi sila tinitignan kasi nag-aalangan kang tignan sila sa mukha?

Naranasan mo na ba na pakiramdam mo palagi kang pinag-uusapan? ‘Yung  para kang takot lagi na baka may nakamasid syo?

Naranasan mo na bang papaniwalain ang sarili mo sa isang bagay para lang maging mas okay ang emotional state mo kasi nasa edge ka na? Continue reading “Naranasan mo na ba?”



Gaya ng kandilang sinindihan sa dilim, ikaw ay inilalagay sa isang sitwasyon kung saan ka dapat magsabog ng liwanag. Marami mang pagsubok na susubukang patayin ang apoy mo, may mga kamay namang handang salagin ang hangin sa paligid masiguro lang na patuloy kang mag-aalab.

Kung nasaan ka man ngayon sa buhay mo, isipin mo lagi na one way or another ikaw ay nagsisilbing liwanag para sa iba. Napupuno man ng kadiliman ang paligid mo, ang isip o damdamin mo, ‘wag kang mapagod na hanapin at alalahanin ang dahilan ng kung bakit ka nandyan sa lugar na yan at ang dahilan minsan mong pagliwanag.