Month: October 2016

First Time on Watercolor

I bought this new set of Simbalion Watercolor earlier at National Bookstore for Php136.75 and here’s my first time using it. 

Obviously,  I don’t know what I’m doing. Haha! I love that it’s very pigmented. I tried doing some wet on wet style here but it didn’t work,  😂😂😂.

Now,  I already have the 3 mediums that I want to use.  I can focus on practicing now. 

On Blending Colored Pencils

It’s been a little over a month when I started using colored pencils and I made a little research before buying my 36-piece set of Faber Castell Classic Colour Pencils. For starters, this very helpful article about blending is a great help. It compared gamsol, colorless blender and white blender with additional tips on how to blend.

GUHIT Pinas artists also mentioned that they use either baby oil and alcohol, both are readily available in our house so I tried using them as well.

Here’s a video from YouTube that compared those as well:

Right now I’m using my white colored pencil and baby oil for blending. Colorless blenders  are around Php69.00 and I’m not sure if I’ll still buy one. After suggestions from GUHIT Pinas,  I tried using alcohol as well. Here’s a comparison of the 3 things I’m using:

Second column was blended using baby oil, the third one with alcohol and the fourth one with white colored pencil

Based on experience, I like using alcohol since it gives me the result that I want.  I think it’s also easier to manage compared with using baby oil (see those circles around the sample on the second column?)

Here’s another video from YouTube that’s really helpful when it comes to blending.  It’s actually the first one that I watched even before I bought my own set.

InkTober Day9

GUHIT Pinas have this daily  challenge right now and apparently “sleeping baby panda” is the theme right now. I started seeing works being posted but it actually looks similar.  I searched for a different picture of a sleeping panda and I did this. Later that afternoon they posted the official folder where the reference is included. 

That’s how I realized that I can’t join that Daily Challenge thing. 

WIP: 80% as of 10-16-16

On Russia and China

Saw this on Facebook and said to my husband:

Me: pinapauwi na daw ng Russia yung mga tao nila sa ibat-ibang panig ng mundo kasi malapit na daw ang WW3 

Him: malapit naman na talaga

M: gaano kalapit?  like… in a decade? 

H: wala pang decade

M: nagkakainitan na daw kasi sila ng US eh dba dati pa sila may tensyon ng US? 

H: oo nga

M: eh diba si Duterte he’s choosing either Russia or China, bakit…?  i mean,  bakit China?  bakit Russia? 

H: ang US kasi hindi naman talaga nyan lalabanan ang China kasi lubog sa utang ang US.tignan mo dun sa ginagawa ng China hindi nakikialam ang US.  hindi maganda magiging epekto sa kanila kapag tinulungan nila ang Pilipinas. when it comes sa military  powers,  talo talaga tayo sa China. 

M: pag nagkagyera talaga parang sacrificial lamb ang Pinas. so kaya nakikipag-ano si Duterte sa China para mabawasan yung damage if ever? 

H: pwede

M: eh bakit Russia?  magkakampi ba sila. ng China? 

H: hindi

M: interesado ba satin ang Russia?

H: magkalaban sila ng US so parang “the friend of my enemy is my friend” tsaka sila ang may pinakamalaking military force.  mas malaki sila sa China

M: mas malaki sila? WOW,  😱 akala ko China yung pinakamalaki. 

H: siguro sa Asia,  pero Russia ang pinakamalaki,  tignan mo yung purple na yan,  yan ang Russia.  ito lang ang China at itk lang ang US

M: i thought that purple part was China