Month: November 2016

Random HP shit

You know how 2016 messed up with us by giving us a lot of shitty surprises and celebrity deaths,  right?  Allan Rickman hit the hardest.  Harry Potter fans would know why. Well,  2016 is not over yet and I’m constantly thinking that it might take Maggie Smith as well.  I always try to avoid thoughts like that but whenever I do,  I remember this:

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Seriously though. 

I can’t post this thought on Facebook because others might take it the wrong way.  

What’s Up?

The sky?

Nah.  Well,  how’s your Halloween?  Got enough candies?  Any parents who did the “I ate your candies” prank? Here in the Philippines (or at least in the place where I grew up), we don’t do any trick or treats.

When November 1 is near, the usual things are families visiting the graves of their loved ones.  Some even spend the entire night inside the cemetery,  putting up tents,  bringing food and doing a little celebration. Some who can’t visit the cemetery would simply light a candle and put it in front of the door.  When I was around 7 or 8, I asked my aunt why we need to light candles and put in front of our door every Undas (that’s how we call it here).  She said the lights of the candles will guide the souls so they’d know where their home is.  As I kid,  I thought it means the souls of our ancestors would visit us every Halloween (which could be true because, as they say,  the veil between the worlds is at it’s thinnest every October 31). I still think the same as an adult though.

Let me tell you what we usually do every Undas. My brother’s birthday is November 1 so we actually have a (more) valid reason to celebrate.  Every year we’d go to my father’s hometown,  Rosario,  La Union.We visit the cemetery and on the evening,  we usually have a party for my brother.  Cake,  pancit,  spaghetti,  ginataang bilo bilo,  puto and sometimes ube (purple yam) are the dishes that we always prepare and that’s what always look forward to.

This year,  we still went to La Union like we always do but unlike the previous years,  this time we went to Baguio as well.

CJ’s been bugging us for any Western Union branches (it’s a weekend and it’s also a holiday,  you know the odds) since we left Manila.  I jokingly respond with “sa Baguio J,  madami dun!  May SM pa dun! ” (in Baguio,  there’s  a lot of branches there. There’s an SM too). Good thing Richard,  the driver of the van we rented, said it’s totally fine to use the van going to Baguio.  You see,  it’s barely one and a half hour from our house in La Union.

It’s Michael’s first time to go to Baguio same with our kids. We tried different activities even though we have very limited time. We stayed mostly at Burnham Park, ate lunch at a nearby Jollibee branch and after visiting few Ukay-ukay stores, we’re off to the Strawberry farm. Last stop was Bell Church.  We wanted to go home before sunset and everyone’s already tired so we (me and CJ) didn’t really pushed for other places.


This post stayed on Drafts longer than expected.

Just a quick one

As of now,  there are few posts that are still on my Drafts but when I saw this,  I almost cried and I wanted to share it here. 

The first thought  that came to mind after reading this was  “Is it really that bad in the U.S. right now? “. I feel bad for these people and I really really wanna punch that asshole motherfucker who started this. And another thing. that amazed me was the fact that he’s actually elected as president,  WOW. America’s doing fine, now it feels like they’re doomed. 

Yeah,  I don’t even live there.  Maybe I know nothing,  but the fact that people are starting to feel scared and…  what happen to LGBT people and Muslims? Right. 

I really wish December will turn out differently for them.