Month: December 2016

Meh Dai

Last December 20, I decided to order a Mei Tai as Christmas gift for Rui. The old carriers the we use are non-ergonomic and he’s always uncomfortable when he stays on it for longer than 30 minutes.

Good thing Nakong is very accomodating and they included our order on the last day of shipping before the holidays so we received it as early as December23.

I’m so excited to try it that we took some action shots right away.

My mom and my husband find it  a bit inconvenient since I need to tie it unlike the ones that we have which we simply need to lock with some snap ons just like this.  (Photos from Lazada)

As a member of Babywearing Philippines, these are some of the things that I learned:

The old one the we have is non-ergonomic and NOT recommended for use.  I know that carriers can be costly (we tried malong before too)  but it’s better to invest on something if it’s for their safety.

“Eh natapos nga sila Alexis at Erika,  ok naman yan” my mom said.  Yes,  they’re fine but if only I have enough funds before, I would’ve buy that sooner.

I am soooo in love with our meitai and soon I’ll post a video on how to use it.

Update: Title updated in lieu of NaKong’s updates about using the right name for baby carriers.




College was like a blur to me. Like 4 years of my life just passed and wasted.  Why?  I hated the university I went to, I didn’t really like the course I took,  I was in a shitty relationship (from first to third year),  basically I hated almost everything that’s happening in my life during that time. (I know people would say I’m fortunate enough to even go to college and I’m still complaining.)

You know how it feels like marrying someone you never really loved?  That’s how it feels like. But then,  I met my friends.  I always tells them that they’re like my ‘kids’ in that ‘marriage’.  They’re the only reason why I kept on going to school. I wanted to be with them and I actually ended up finishing my course…. simply because I wanted to be with them. I hope you’re getting how important they are to me. In those 4 blurry years of college,  they are the only thing that’s clear to me. 

When I started having kids,  I had lesser time to be with them. Actually since we graduated from college,  I never really get to see them.  Aside from time (I always put my kids first) it’s the money. You see,  they are from the higher class (compared to mine). Some of them don’t really NEED to work and me, I have kids and I need to provide for them of course. The last time I saw any of them was a month before I gave birth to my daughter and she’s turning three next March. 

So, earlier I saw a post from Facebook.  They went out again. You know why it hurts? No one even asked if I wanted to come. Every time I’d ask if they’re free,  they’d say they’re busy for work but then I’d see them going out together and no one even remembered me.And this is not the first time too. Yes, I’m crying as I type those things ’cause they are only ones that mattered to me before I had my own kids. 

I unfollowed them ’cause I don’t wanna get hurt for the same reason again. I don’t even want to talk to them ever again and most probably we’ll  just avoid each other altogether. It’s like a one-way break up. And you know people say that breaking up with friends hurts more than breaking up with your lover.  That’s true (and this is not the first time i had it too). 

#kmg, kissing memories goodbye. The hashtag I used for anything that I want to forget.

Goodbye,  ‘friends’. 

Mango Custard on His 5th Month

This is one of the posts that stayed way too long on The Drafts. This was for my son’s 5th month (remember the no-bake fudgee cake? ) and I got so busy. Well, here it is.

For the ingredients, we need:

1 cup fresh milk (or evaporated milk)
1 pack all purpose cream
1/4 cup condensed milk
2 medium sized ripe mangoes
1 tbsp Yellow Mr. Gulaman (unflavored)


  1. Dissolve 1 tbsp gulaman in 1/4 cup water. Let it sit for 10 minutes.
  2. Prepare the mangoes. I used this Speedy Chopper from Tupperware to easily make the Mango Puree.


3. In a separate pan, mix 1 cup fresh milk, 1/4 cup condensed milk, 1 pack all purpose and half of the mango puree.

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