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For J and K

Kanina lang kami nagkitakita ulit ni Janelle at Krizza. Nakakatuwang makita at makausap sila ulit, ang sayang maka-catch up sa kanila.

Si Krizza, nagma-masterals na.Kahit tinatawanan ko sya kanina, nakaka-proud kasi talagang ‘diretso’ pa rin yung direksyon ng mga plano nya. That’s what I always admired about her.

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Just (Another) Quick One : Hobbies,  Passion and Being a Mom

I was looking at my Instagram feed when I saw this photo by one of my high school friends. An aspiring photographer who takes above average photos (not that I have high standards) and he,  just like me,  loves using nature as his subject.

I went on looking at his photos when I realized that I used to love taking photos and looking at nature photography.  Now,  I just love looking at them.

I know most parents experience this at one point especially stay-at-home moms like me.  That moment when you suddenly just miss doing those things that you’re terribly passionate about,  like photography for instance. You can feel the passion,  the excitement and the anticipation thinking when you can do the things you used to do. Somehow imagining what you would do and where you’d go to when you get the chance. For a minute,  you’re flying there planning with a little too much bit of excitement.

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Meh Dai

Last December 20, I decided to order a Mei Tai as Christmas gift for Rui. The old carriers the we use are non-ergonomic and he’s always uncomfortable when he stays on it for longer than 30 minutes.

Good thing Nakong is very accomodating and they included our order on the last day of shipping before the holidays so we received it as early as December23.

I’m so excited to try it that we took some action shots right away.

My mom and my husband find it  a bit inconvenient since I need to tie it unlike the ones that we have which we simply need to lock with some snap ons just like this.  (Photos from Lazada)

As a member of Babywearing Philippines, these are some of the things that I learned:

The old one the we have is non-ergonomic and NOT recommended for use.  I know that carriers can be costly (we tried malong before too)  but it’s better to invest on something if it’s for their safety.

“Eh natapos nga sila Alexis at Erika,  ok naman yan” my mom said.  Yes,  they’re fine but if only I have enough funds before, I would’ve buy that sooner.

I am soooo in love with our meitai and soon I’ll post a video on how to use it.

Update: Title updated in lieu of NaKong’s updates about using the right name for baby carriers.



InkTober Day7 (and an emotional mommy post) 

Last night was the most exhausting moment for me as a mom. I felt so tired physically,  emotionally and mentally.  I wanted to leave them even for just a couple of hours ’cause it felt like I need a break.  I actually need a break,  every mom or everyone needs that once in a while.  

Every single day,  all I do was scold them. I try hard to explain why they should not do things.  I am trying really really hard not to spank them because I already did that before but now,  it feels even worse because it’s not my hands that hurt their butt,  it my words that breaks their heart. Right now, I’m trying hard not to cry because of all the guilt. I dont know how long they’ll remember those words and how it will affect them. 

I don’t even know what to do anymore. 

My husband would say logical things on how to handle our kids but moms know that it doesn’t work that way most of the time. He’d say ‘talk to them. they’ll understand you’.  Well,  yes maybe they understand that it’s dangerous but they’d still do it ’cause it’s fun and they won’t believe you ’cause they wasn’t hurt yet. They’ll keep on doing things and when one of them started to cry,  that’s it.  

This thing is soooo fucking exhausting and I badly need a break. 

Please don’t get me wrong,  being a mom or parenting as a whole is rewarding. The hugs and I love yous are wonderful but for, I really need to rest.  Like few hours me time or a quick trip to the mall with my youngest (he’s 5 months and we’re breastfeeding so I can’t leave him). 


I can’t eat ice cream ’cause they’ll bug me to have some and they might end up with tonsilitis again. 

Lessen the Negativity Around You

This video was posted 2014 and it kinda resurfaced on Facebook.  

Your input is your output so you should lessen the negativity around you. 


Prince Ea is one of the motivational speakers that I started to watching recently. I love how he talks about things and I’d say it’s really effective.

Rui’s 5th month

Last October 6, we celebrated Rui’s 5th month. We prepared pasta and mango jelly (I’m not sure of the name). I was supposed to make a no-bake black forest but I’m worried that Erika and Alexis would eat too much of it.  They just finished medication for tonsilitis so… 

 Later that night, CJ came home with this black forest cake which they obviously enjoyed.


Mirror of the Soul : My Daughter’s Eyes

Mirror of the Soul : My Daughter’s Eyes

People say that eyes are the windows to the soul. I’d say that’s true.

Well, my daughter’s eyes are a bit different from most of us though.

For she can see things that most of us don’t.

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Just a Pill Away – Congenital Hypothyroidism

Just a Pill Away – Congenital Hypothyroidism

Last May 6, 2016, I gave birth to my third (and last) child. Like his siblings, he was delivered via C-section and we needed to stay at the hospital for 4 days. Looking at my baby, like most (if not all) mothers, what I see is perfect, handsome little angel who loves to sleep a lot. Yep, even when his nappy’s full of poop, he’s still asleep. Even when all the babies are crying, he’s still sleeping. The only time he’s awake is if he’s going to eat.

Almost a week after we’re sent home, one of the nurses called us, she said there’s something they need to check on my baby and it’s about the result of his newborn screening. The next day, we’re back in the hospital and the nurse said the my baby’s result for CH (TSH) is slightly elevated and they need to redo the test. She showed me the result. Normal is 15, my son’s result is 15.18.  I was confident that the second test will be OK ’cause my  baby’s fine and it doesn’t look like anything’s wrong. Besides, .18 is not that much and it was taken when he was just 2 days old.

While she’s taking blood samples, I saw this poster comparing two kids with congenital hypothyroidism, one was treated early and the other one’s not.

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It was a hot afternoon, my kids are sleeping and I finally  got my few minutes “free time”.

Like most people  my age,  I usually  waste my time looking at my Facebook news feed looking at what’s going on on other people’s lives, checking my batch mates and looking for new books on sale in my favorite online store.

After few minutes  in it, I saw my cousin’s status update.  The status that I’m going to share here is not the first status that inspired  me in some way but this one hits me hard. 

After reading this,  I asked myself “Where am I  good at? ” and I realized  that  there’s none. Yes,  I  can do many things but I’m  not good at it. 

At that moment,  I  tried remembering the things that I used to do every time.  High school  days was filled with reading books, drawing,  story writing  and cooking.  All of the drawings and sketches that I have were stolen,  I  don’t  even know what that guy would do to those simple drawings of animes.  That  deheartened me, I rarely made any new drawings or sketches aftert that. The stories that I wrote,  on the other hand… well,  I never  get to finish any of those. And the notebook where I wrote them?  It was lost too. Cooking is just so so,  cant say I’m  good at it too. College  days,  on the other hand,  was filled with… procrastinating, sleeping, cutting classes and all those stuff.  Hey!  I still read books that time,  even until now.

Well,  how can I actually earn by reading books?  I dont know.  Is there anyone who’s actually  “good” at reading books?

This is where I’ll  start finding  out.