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This is weird. Maybe this already happened to some of you but that was the first time it happened to me.

It happened around seven to eight years ago when I was studying Wicca. I was reading Scott Cunningham’s Spell Craft and one of the simplest crafts there is the “God’s Eye”. I used a pair barbecue sticks and yarns ( purple and blue ). During the time that I am making it, all I think of is “Please show me what I must see”. I started making it in the afternoon after school, then continued ’til before bedtime. Right after I tie it, I suddenly feel exhausted and sleepy. I placed it under my pillow, hoping to get any message through my dream.

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I remember her sitting beside me. Her wavy hair getting in the way for me to see her face clearly. These days, I only remember glimpses of what happened, a snapshot of that certain moment. I remember her smiling. Whatever we’re talking about, it must’ve been about her special someone ’cause she’s blushing a bit.

I can’t really remember where it happened. In the pantry maybe, or in the jeepney we’re riding home. We used to go home together because we’re on the same way but we didn’t do it a lot ’cause I’m afraid of getting attached.

You see, friendship is still a relationship and in every relationship there will always be expectations. I know what I can do for someone, specially for friends, and sometimes that makes me dumb. I hate doing dumb things for worthless people just because of some stupid reason. I’ve been there.

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Balance of Dark and Light

Balance of Dark and Light

for the nth time

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November 28, I somehow started is ‘journey’ again wherein I focus more on the path (which I haven’t done for the last five years). I want to reconnect to it because for the past three years, I honest feel like I’m lost somewhere and I can’t find the ‘path’.

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Umpisa ng Katapusan

Alas kwatro y media na ng hapon noon. Unang Lunes ng buwan at nakalaan ang oras na iyon para sa aming club meeting. Mula sa mainit na kwarto namin ay lumipat kami sa room ng isang klase sa fourth year. Naka-aircon ito at wala pang mga tao kaya agad kaming nakahanap ni Zhen ng uupuan.

Komportable akong nakaupo noon.  Naka-indian seat pa ako,  kasyang-kasya ako dahil medyo payat pa ako noon.  Isa’t kalahating oras lang ang nakalaan sa club meeting kaya nag-umpisa na agad si Mrs. De Vera.  Home Economics club, voting of officers, activities for first quarter, at marami pang iba.

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