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Mapapa-Wow Ka Na Lang

Before having dinner, I decided to visit the nearest Mercury Drug Store (which is around 15 to 20-minute tricycle ride away) to buy some insect/pest chalk. I feel so uneasy whenever I see ants in our room and it’s been three days since start seeing them again. Someone ate Whattatops and peanuts inside our room when I already banned any food in hereย ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ .

On my way home, I was riding a tricycle when the tricycle in front of us (STOD 8602) used his signal light. I suddenly realized that it’s actually the first time that I saw a tricycle driver use signal lights before making any turn. I am actually amazed for a few seconds that I actually focused on all the other tricycles that I saw if they are using signal light or if they have any signal lights at all. Why amazed? Because for my 27 years of existence (with 25 years of it spent on living on the same community), this is actually the first time that I saw someone (a tricycle driver, specifically) use their damn signal lights before turning. Yeah, no big deal.

It is a pretty busy hour with most of the people trying to get home for dinner so during the remaining 10-minute ride, there are more or less 50 tricycles that I saw. Only 2 used their signal lights (it already includes the first tricycle that caught my attention) and 5 doesn’t even have signal lights at all.

I started thinking on how does these TODAs (tricycle operator and drivers’ association) regulate or check their members. Maybe since they’re only driving in barangay roads, they find using signal light/turn lights as unnecessary. Do they even get caught for that? I don’t think so.



I remember her sitting beside me. Her wavy hair getting in the way for me to see her face clearly. These days, I only remember glimpses of what happened, a snapshot of that certain moment. I remember her smiling. Whatever we’re talking about, it must’ve been about her special someone ’cause she’s blushing a bit.

I can’t really remember where it happened. In the pantry maybe, or in the jeepney we’re riding home. We used to go home together because we’re on the same way but we didn’t do it a lot ’cause I’m afraid of getting attached.

You see, friendship is still a relationship and in every relationship there will always be expectations. I know what I can do for someone, specially for friends, and sometimes that makes me dumb. I hate doing dumb things for worthless people just because of some stupid reason. I’ve been there.

The sad part is I can’t remember the conversations anymore. All I know is we’re so close once that we get to talk about personal things.

She had this reputation with men. A reputation that no woman would like to be attributed to. And it’s not just with one man. There’s several of them. I never believed any of it because I trust her.

I saw how fragile she is though she’s keeping this tough act in front of everyone. She said she doesn’t care about what they’re saying, she knows the truth. She can repeat that all day but I can feel how bothered she is.

That’s one thing I love about her. She knows her weakness and she’s doing what she can to assess herself, to avoid any past mistakes and to improve herself.

It’s been a little more than three years since the last time I saw her and I don’t know if she’s still working in the same industry where we met but wherever she is, I know she’ll bloom in her own way.

Kilay Is Life

Alas onse ng sabado noon, kakasakay ko lang ng jeep nang may sumakay ding isang estudyante. Medyo chubby sya, hanggang baywang ang buhok at pang-rakista ang pormahan; black knitted shirt, tokong na maong at boots. Isa sa pinaka-una kong napansin sa kanya ay yung kilay nya. Usong-uso ngayon ang ‘kilay is life’ at mukhang yun din ang tina-try i.achieve ni Ate Girl to the point na nanglalaban na. Tipong di pa sya galit, mukha nanagad syang galit. Sinubukan kong iwasan na tignan sya kaso may napansin ulit ako. Akala ko may something sa bibig nya pero naka-brace pala sya at medyo hirap i.close yung labi.

Paglampas ng Buting, may sumakay na kakilala nya na kinalabit at kinausap sya. Doon ko nakita yung ngiti nya, ang ganda nya pala. Parang nagliliwanag yung buong mukha nya kapag nakangiti sya, she even have dimples. Confirmed, ‘di bagay yung kilay nya sa kanya. May kamukha syang batang artista ng GMA dati eh kaso di ko na maalala yung pangalan.

Sana next time, she’ll tone down her eyebrows, she’s more beautiful that way.