His Engagement

It was their 7th anniversary. He was wearing a grey long sleeves polo that accentuates his masculinity while she’s wearing an old rose halter dress that shows her every curve. They went to a studio where they had their photos taken as a memorial of their seventh year.

After their little photo shoot, they went to the restaurant where he made reservation for their dinner. Unknown to her, that was extra special. The restaurant staff are not only gathered to greet them a happy anniversary, they’re there to take and videos as he finally asked ‘the’ question.

I felt my chest aching a bit as I watched him nervously held her hand before reaching for the box inside his pants and kneeled down while all the restaurant staff around them are very excited. She wiped her tears graciously and… that’s when I closed the Facebook tab and shut down my laptop. I can’t watch beyond that. I just can’t.

I had enough internet for now and it’s only 4 in the afternoon.

That’s one thing that we all love about Facebook. Stalking has never been this easy, right ladies? Nah, just kidding.

Well, who’s that guy anyway? Let me take you back twelve years ago. The year was 2006 and I was in my senior year.

High school, like my grade school years, is pretty boring and normal. Like really, no lates, few absences, all school work, being part of the top, that’s how it is since first grade. The only ‘action’ I’m getting was sleeping in the class, getting called by the teacher to recite and still get it right.

So, going back to that guy. He is the guy I tried really hard not to like. Why? Because he is my friend. Some of you would think it’s O.K. to like him, some of you would say it’s a good decision to keep things platonic. Well, aside from him being my friend, I also don’t like the idea of ME loving someone who’s not interested. One-sided shit is not my thing. I am not prepared for that.

It started when we’re in sophomore. We used to hang out in their house with our other friends, playing video games where they let me win sometimes or we sometimes go biking around the neighborhood. At first, it’s just a simple crush. Admiring a person for his physical appearance is easy but as we spend more time together, I slowly started liking his personality too.

Senior year was a memorable year too. We’re in the same class again but this time, I was in a relationship with a guy from a different class. I know we can’t be together so I said yes to a guy who’s a bit obsessed with me.

We sit on the same row so he usually cover me up whenever I sleep in class. He made my electronics project and I did his project for home economics.

Senior ball is the final highlight of our high school life. As expected, my date for that night was my boyfriend but that didn’t stop me from dancing with all of my guy friends. We danced to (upbeat songs) ’til (sweet song) started playing. At first I thought my boyfriend would come and dance with me but instead, he came.

We danced playfully at first, making weird dance moves on such a slow, sweet song. In the middle of the song, he turned serious and hugged me a bit. “You look so happy now. I hope it stays that way” he said. He sounded so serious that I even joked about it. It’s unusual for him to act like that.

College years, we drifted part. We studied in different schools with different courses. We started having our own lives and before I knew it, we’re already graduating. A lot of things happened. I’m single for two years and I thought he is too. I thought I can finally confess to him, ’cause that time, I’m ready for it. I’m prepared to get dumped, to be honest.

That’s when I saw it on Facebook. Yeah, thanks Facebook for saving me from humiliation. His post says “She said yes, FINALLY!” I didn’t need to say it face to face huh? Universe already telling me to quit it, so I did. I didn’t attend the reunion where I’m supposed to confess my feelings. Good thing because he brought his girlfriend.

Now this. His engagement. Like, what the actual fuck? At least he’s happy, right?


(P.S. Posts published under #SaveLiterature are works of fiction.)

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