Star Wars : The Last Jedi

Few days ago, Globe reached out to my husband and they included us in the advanced screening of the newest Star Wars movie that’s set to premiere in the Philippine cinemas on December 15. Earlier, we watched Star Wars: The Last Jedi and for someone who’s not really a fan, the only word that can describe is “satisfying” (except for one thing).


Okay, this is the first (and could be the last) time I attended an advanced screening so I don’t really know what to expect. We arrived at Central Square around half past 2. We asked the lady sitting in front of Cinema 4 and she said we need to wait for the Globe representative who will arrive at 4PM

(but according to the text message, movie will start at four). We decided to have a quick lunch at Kichitora before going back and during the registration, the Globe rep said doors will close at 4:30PM so we just grabbed some snack and were waiting in front of Cinema 3 fifteen minutes before 4 (doors actually opened around 4:30PM). Before the movie started, Bianca Gonzales was there hosting and there are some games (Michael won a Rebels bag).



Now for the movie, there are five things that for me are quite memorable for this movie.  This contains some spoilers so stop reading if you haven’t watch it yet.

First off, the fight scene with Poe on the start of the movie is so satisfying. I’m not a fan of the franchise but this is one I love about it. Fight scenes between Resistance X-wings, TIE and other starfighters simply look amazing.

Second, (I think) the funniest moment I’ve seen in all the Star Wars movies I’ve watched. Rey, Luke Skywalker and a grass. When Luke finally agreed to teach Rey about the force, he asked her to sit on a stone and reach (where Rey immediately reached forward with her hands open). Luke then used a long grass to touch Rey’s hand and asked “Can you feel it?”. I think it’s only funny when you actually watch it. Imagine the look on their faces during that scene 😀

Third is about Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo which I hated for almost half of the whole movie.

After Princess Leia went unconscious, Holdo took over their ship. Poe’s eager to fight back and to know what’s the plan but she never said anything. That’s when Finn and Rose told Poe on how they can possibly escape their enemy. For the whole time, I thought Vice Admiral Holdo will turn into a traitor especially when she started preparing the crew for evacuation. Well, it seems that it’s all planned and she’s trying to get near Crait. It all made sense when Leia finally woke up and she knocked Poe down.

Fourth, Kylo Ren and Rey scenes. While training under Luke, Rey and Kylo can somehow see each other. They can talk to each other. That’s where Kylo told her that Luke tried to kill him. When Rey left Luke, she went straight to Kylo hoping he would turn away from the darkness. Kylo who’s waiting for her immediately took her to Snoke. That scene, I think, was pretty predictable but nice. I don’t know much about Snoke but can he actually fake his death? But the lightsaber killed him so, is that possible? After Kylo Ren killed Snoke, that’s when he and Rey had a fight scene with the Elite Praetorian Guards.

(Michael even theorized that Kylo and Rey are actually siblings. I think Rey is Luke’s and she would have an amazing relationship with Ben Solo)

Fifth was when Luke Skywalker turned into dust. Before this, he even had a fight scene with Kylo Ren. When I saw it in the screen, it’s clear that Luke died there. He’s gone. I just don’t know when and how. We’re already on our ride home when I asked Michael about it. He said that’s why Master Yoda appeared when Luke was about to burn down the Jedi library. He even said that (probably) Luke’s already dead when Rey found him in The Force Awakens and the one talking to Rey is only a force ghost.

Now for the only disappointing scene in the whole movie. For me there’s only one and it’s when Yoda appeared. He looks different and he talks in a different way as well. I know Yoda is an iconic character and the one I saw in this movie actually feels weird to look at and to listen to. That’s just me (and my husband) though.

Here’s what they gave us after the movie screening. Globe prepared some games in there event but we decided to go home right away. It’s almost eight and I’m worried about Rui.


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