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Mapapa-Wow Ka Na Lang

Before having dinner, I decided to visit the nearest Mercury Drug Store (which is around 15 to 20-minute tricycle ride away) to buy some insect/pest chalk. I feel so uneasy whenever I see ants in our room and it’s been three days since start seeing them again. Someone ate Whattatops and peanuts inside our room when I already banned any food in here 😠😠😠.

On my way home, I was riding a tricycle when the tricycle in front of us (STOD 8602) used his signal light. I suddenly realized that it’s actually the first time that I saw a tricycle driver use signal lights before making any turn. I am actually amazed for a few seconds that I actually focused on all the other tricycles that I saw if they are using signal light or if they have any signal lights at all. Why amazed? Because for my 27 years of existence (with 25 years of it spent on living on the same community), this is actually the first time that I saw someone (a tricycle driver, specifically) use their damn signal lights before turning. Yeah, no big deal.

It is a pretty busy hour with most of the people trying to get home for dinner so during the remaining 10-minute ride, there are more or less 50 tricycles that I saw. Only 2 used their signal lights (it already includes the first tricycle that caught my attention) and 5 doesn’t even have signal lights at all.

I started thinking on how does these TODAs (tricycle operator and drivers’ association) regulate or check their members. Maybe since they’re only driving in barangay roads, they find using signal light/turn lights as unnecessary. Do they even get caught for that? I don’t think so.

On Russia and China

Saw this on Facebook and said to my husband:

Me: pinapauwi na daw ng Russia yung mga tao nila sa ibat-ibang panig ng mundo kasi malapit na daw ang WW3 

Him: malapit naman na talaga

M: gaano kalapit?  like… in a decade? 

H: wala pang decade

M: nagkakainitan na daw kasi sila ng US eh dba dati pa sila may tensyon ng US? 

H: oo nga

M: eh diba si Duterte he’s choosing either Russia or China, bakit…?  i mean,  bakit China?  bakit Russia? 

H: ang US kasi hindi naman talaga nyan lalabanan ang China kasi lubog sa utang ang US.tignan mo dun sa ginagawa ng China hindi nakikialam ang US.  hindi maganda magiging epekto sa kanila kapag tinulungan nila ang Pilipinas. when it comes sa military  powers,  talo talaga tayo sa China. 

M: pag nagkagyera talaga parang sacrificial lamb ang Pinas. so kaya nakikipag-ano si Duterte sa China para mabawasan yung damage if ever? 

H: pwede

M: eh bakit Russia?  magkakampi ba sila. ng China? 

H: hindi

M: interesado ba satin ang Russia?

H: magkalaban sila ng US so parang “the friend of my enemy is my friend” tsaka sila ang may pinakamalaking military force.  mas malaki sila sa China

M: mas malaki sila? WOW,  😱 akala ko China yung pinakamalaki. 

H: siguro sa Asia,  pero Russia ang pinakamalaki,  tignan mo yung purple na yan,  yan ang Russia.  ito lang ang China at itk lang ang US

M: i thought that purple part was China 

Just a Pill Away – Congenital Hypothyroidism

Just a Pill Away – Congenital Hypothyroidism

Last May 6, 2016, I gave birth to my third (and last) child. Like his siblings, he was delivered via C-section and we needed to stay at the hospital for 4 days. Looking at my baby, like most (if not all) mothers, what I see is perfect, handsome little angel who loves to sleep a lot. Yep, even when his nappy’s full of poop, he’s still asleep. Even when all the babies are crying, he’s still sleeping. The only time he’s awake is if he’s going to eat.

Almost a week after we’re sent home, one of the nurses called us, she said there’s something they need to check on my baby and it’s about the result of his newborn screening. The next day, we’re back in the hospital and the nurse said the my baby’s result for CH (TSH) is slightly elevated and they need to redo the test. She showed me the result. Normal is 15, my son’s result is 15.18.  I was confident that the second test will be OK ’cause my  baby’s fine and it doesn’t look like anything’s wrong. Besides, .18 is not that much and it was taken when he was just 2 days old.

While she’s taking blood samples, I saw this poster comparing two kids with congenital hypothyroidism, one was treated early and the other one’s not.

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