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Letters For Tiny Hooman #1

Letters For Tiny Hooman #1

I wanna meet someone/anyone right now. But I don’t wanna disturb my friends..

Also thinking if I should just cry and smoke instead jahahh

First of all girl, I told you before that I’m just here. I’m waiting for you to reach out (because I reached out to you before and you declined, like I’m the last person you’ll ever talk to) but you never did.

At first, I thought it’s OK since you have friends that you actually wanna talk to. Like, I know you don’t consider me as a friend and I don’t wanna insist a one-sided friendship. Disregard what happened before. Forget it. I can confidently say that I’ve recovered from that now and I’m totally fine now. I hope you can put that behind too.

I honestly want to be your friend, you know.

Just try it. Try me.