Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick Review : Mauvey

I’ve been craving for new lipsticks for almost two weeks now and I kept on checking different brands and colors.

I’m not a make up junkie and I’m a bit color blind when it comes to lipsticks so I usually  check reviews on a certain  brand and specific hue before deciding.  I usually  check how a certain  lip color look on other people and try to see if that lipstick  would look good on me.

First off, I didn’t  know that Ever Bilena have matte lipsticks so when reviews about it appeared,  I got excited and wanted to try it right away.  Like most  girls here in Philippines,  Ever Bilena was my first lipstick and make up brand so for me,  those matte lippies are must-try so I bought mine from Mercury Drugstore.

Ever Bilena have 17 shades for their EB Matte Lipstick and the first one I bought is Mauvey.

EB Matte Lipstick ShadeEdit


Product Claim: EB Matte Lipstick is a pure impact, pure luxury. Ultra matte finish! The only matte lipstick that makes your lips stay supple and smooth. Delicately developed with long wearing formula that accentuates and pampers your lips. Incredibly luxurious with Vitamin E that gives  your lips the natural moisture.



Like what I said, I’m a bit color blind when it comes to lipsticks so I thought this would look pinkish on my lips but no. Looking at those two photos, you can barely see any difference. Of course! It’s nude! I don’t know how long it stayed on my lips because I can barely see it.


I also needed to apply it three times on my lips before it show that hue.

I may be a bit disappointed about the color but what I love about this lipstick is it’s moisturizing effect. It didn’t dry out on my lips like what other matte lipsticks do. It feels so smooth and creamy on my lips.


  • Affordable (Php 165.00 only)
  • Available almost everywhere
  • Smooth and creamy


  • Flimsy packaging

Buy Again? Definitely yes! But with a different shade of course.

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