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Mirror of the Soul : My Daughter’s Eyes

People say that eyes are the windows to the soul. I’d say that’s true.

Well, my daughter’s eyes are a bit different from most of us though.

For she can see things that most of us don’t.

Earlier this morning while we’re playing in my sister’s room (it’s me, my sister, my daughter and my youngest son), she suddenly cried while covering her eyes saying there’s a ghost in that room while pointing her finger to the corner. CJ (my sister)  was talking to mom that time so I needed to call her.  When she came in, I asked her to carry Erika (my daughter)  outside.  We asked her again where the ghost is, and she said it’s still there.

She calmed down and started playing again after few minutes.  I said that she just need to ignore them.

She and Alexis were watching TV when she started crying again. Alexis (my eldest) just went out to get some toys and drink water when Erika run to me,  crying. She said there’s a ghost, a woman.

I can feel how scared she was. I can’t see anything and I don’t know how scary it is for her but I pity my child because there are people like  my aunt kept on saying things that it’s not true because we can’t see anything. It’s like she’s saying that Erika’s lying.

This is not the first time she mentioned about seeing something we can’t but this is the first that she cried that much,  she’s almost shaking.

I wish I can do something for her but all I can do for  now is to hug her and ask to ignore those things,  whatever she’s seeing.

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