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InkTober Day2

I’m trying to incorporate Inktober with my other “daily goals” so here.

I’ve been trying to learn Japanese for quite a while now and I’m trying to practice using colored pencils as well.  Doing it this way is like hitting three birds with one stone.

I noticed that I’m  starting to get a hang of how to use colored pencils with layering colors to get what color I want. *tap on shoulder* Well,  I was supposed to do a “sunrise” effect like the picture below but…  I messed up, I don’t know how to fix it anymore.

Also, the space between between them was supposed to be a body of water but I’m not sure to even start it.

Baby steps, baby steps.

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3 thoughts on “InkTober Day2

  1. Cool! Nice to see another person doing Inktober. I like pastel pencils too. I was thinking about your question, how best to mimic the sunrise effect. If I were doing a picture like that one, I’d probably plan out where all my shadows would be first and ink them in. I’d always make sure they were on the opposite side of the mountain from the light source. Then I’d figure out where my lightest areas would be and work backwards from there, making sure my sky lines and such were radial from the sun rather than parallel. I’ll be interested to see your future attempts.

    1. wow! thanks for the advice. tbh im still clueless about that light source thing but i’m working on it 🙂 if you post your inktober entries on your blog I’ll check it as well.

      1. I certainly will! Light isn’t so bad once you start paying attention to where it falls. It can be fun to just put different objects near a lamp and look at how things are. Speaking of which – I’d better go do that again. I can use the exercise!

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