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Oil on Oil Pastel

 I decided to choose three mediums namely colored pencils,  oil pastel and watercolor for this “art” part of my “self-discovery” journey. 

I bought this oil pastel set recently and I was practicing went I noticed this :

Some of the waxy pigments or binders got stuck and even if I use more pressure it still leaves some of these.  

While I was searching,  I read this article compairing soft pastels and oil pastels which mentions this:

When using oil pastels, the surface should be primed with gesso so that the waxy binders are not absorbed by the strands of paper fiber.

Source:Click Here 

With that,  I thought that gesso thing will prevent these waxy pigments on my work. One problem, I don’t have gesso right now. 

I suddenly remembered my conversation with Mark.  He said “for blending, if you’re using oil-based, just use oil and for water-soluble, of course use water”. It sounded useless back then because it’s so f*cking obvious but now it sounded like it’s the solution to my problem. 

I started dubbing oil on my work and it works wonders!  Nah,  just kidding.  It just made it a lot easier to smudge or to spread the color out.  No more hard-to-smudge pigments. 

This is the first one the I’m working on right now using oil pastel.  I used oil as a primer on sketchpad to avoid those waxy pigments that are hard to smudge.

I’m not sure how gesso works and I don’t know if oil is a good alternative but most probably  no one do this when using oil pastel so there. I don’t know if it’s right to do that as well but hey,  I got the result I want so that’s OK for me. 

Btw,  I used mineral oil for this. 

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