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Still Hoping (sigh)

When I was planning for college, the only university that I really wanted to get into is UP (University of the Philippines).  Guess what?  I fail simply because I  I didn’t know the RightMinusWrong rule.  I failed by a margin in one part of the entrance exam,  Math. I didn’t  go in any review centers as well. *sigh*

Well,  since I failed in UP,  I started checking on other universities.  PUP (Polytechnic University of the Philippines)  is the only one where I am determined to go. I passed the entrance exam with 81.96%, all the courses that I chose are still open and technically,  I just need to attend the orientation (not to mention that their rate per unit is only Php12.00. Yep. Twelve fucking pesos per unit!)

My dad,  on the other hand,  is against it. He said since it’s in Sta. Mesa,  Manila, it’ll be a 3-hour ride from us. A lot of snatchers and whatnot are in that area as well.He said a lot of reasons and clearly, he will never allow me to go there.  To satisfy their requests (and since they are the ones paying for everything),  I let them choose the school and the course. CEU Makati, Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management. (I swear I never planned going to that school.  Never! I HATE PINK way back high school days).

I know life has a special way of teaching you lessons.  If I didn’t go to CEU, I’ll never meet my college friends (who I still love dearly even if they don’t even remember me. 😂), most probably I’ll never meet ny husband as well if I went to PUP and maybe,  just maybe, I’m still stuck with Rei.

I do not  regret not going to PUP and taking up Psychology same as I do not regret anything I have right now.  Three kids and an amazing husband. 😍 But with all my heart,  I still am hoping that I can still get that degree in that school.

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