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Just (Another) Quick One : Hobbies,  Passion and Being a Mom

I was looking at my Instagram feed when I saw this photo by one of my high school friends. An aspiring photographer who takes above average photos (not that I have high standards) and he,  just like me,  loves using nature as his subject.

I went on looking at his photos when I realized that I used to love taking photos and looking at nature photography.  Now,  I just love looking at them.

I know most parents experience this at one point especially stay-at-home moms like me.  That moment when you suddenly just miss doing those things that you’re terribly passionate about,  like photography for instance. You can feel the passion,  the excitement and the anticipation thinking when you can do the things you used to do. Somehow imagining what you would do and where you’d go to when you get the chance. For a minute,  you’re flying there planning with a little too much bit of excitement.

But then,  looking around the unfinished household chores and the kids you’re trying to put to bed makes you face the reality. Sometimes this cycle is depressing especially when you can’t even see your friends.

At that moment, I’d tell myself, “For now,  I am theirs”. For now,  they  need my full attention 24/7 and all my hobbies can wait but I know someday, my children would want to have their own hobbies and passion. When that time comes, I can take the backseat since the spotlight won’t be focused on me anymore, it will be focused on them. They’ll have their own ‘life’ as some teenagers call it. And that’s the time when I can focus some of time for myself.

You’d probably say “Hey,  being a parent doesn’t really end”. Did I say I’ll stop being their mom? Our children won’t stay 2 years olds for the rest of their lives,  you know. Me setting aside some time to focus on things that I love is one way of keeping myself sane and mentally healthy,  and I think parents (not just moms) should do that too,  balancing passion and kids.

This is what I always do. From time to time, I need to remind myself that this phase wont last long.  Our children grow up so fast and I don’t want to miss any of it. For now,  my hobbies can wait and my passion can be diverted into something that my kids would love to do too. For now,  it’s all about them. 🙂

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