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Tagulabay (Hives / Urticaria)

Wednesday night (July 19, 2017), we noticed some small red bumpy patches in my 14-month-old son’s face. At first I thought it’s just some insect bite so I ignored it. The following morning, more red rashes showed up on his back and stomach and before sunset, both his legs and arms are covered with those red rashed too. First thing that came to mind is allergy so I gave him an antihistamine. There are no changes on his rashes and later that night he started having fever. That’s when I started to worry. Combining rashes and fever immediately summons the idea that it could be dengue.

We kept on observing him the following day. No more fever and he’s still playful and lively. If it wasn’t for the rashes all over his body, you’d think there’s nothing wrong with him. We never see him scratching those rashes, he doesn’t cry much too so I thought it’s not itchy at all.

After lunch, we decided to have him checked at Pembo Doctors Medical Clinic.

Rui’s rashes before going to PDMM

We waited for almost an hour before their pediatrician arrived. Good thing we’re just third in line.

The moment she saw Rui, she immediately said “Tagulabay yan mommy! Urticaria po yan pero ang tawag dito sa’tin tagulabay” (That’s tagulabay mommy! It’s urticaria but it’s commonly known as tagulabay here). Dra. explained that the rashes are not caused by allergy, it’s purely because of the weather. We may choose to use medication or not because this condition heals on its own and it only gets serious when the patient is having difficulty in breathing. Temperature is very crucial since it may easily worsen his condition. She prescribed antihistamine (for itchiness, 3.5mL as needed) and Kidsolone (to remove the bumpy rashes, 2.5mL 2x a day).

The morning after his check up

He doesn’t scratch his rashes so I didn’t give him any antihistamines. As for Kidsolone, she mentioned that it’s a form of steriod so I really am hesitant to give it to him at first. Aside from that, Rui’s taking levothyroxine and I’m not sure if it’s OK.

After dinner, I gave him one dose of Kidsolone. The morning after, we saw significant improvements right away. After having breakfast, I gave him his medicine again and by evening his rashes are completely gone.

As a mom who encounters urticaria for the first time, aside from dengue (because of the fever), I thought it’s a simple bati (I can’t think of any accurate translation for that). I checked other blogs for any experiences like this and most of them had it lasting from 3 to 6 weeks, good thing Rui had it for only 3 days.

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