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Planned or Not?

[This is not about pregnancy.]

I love reading confessions on university Facebook pages. Last time I posted a confession from FEU Secret Files, today I’m going to share a confession from The UST Files.

Here’s the link to the original post.
The sender’s confession is a letter for her father who already passed away. She told him that she was raped 6 times by different people, one of them is her own brother. She’s only 19 years old right now and almost no one knows what happened to her (her friends know it only happened once, she doesn’t want her family to know it either).

From her confession, I felt that she’s traumatized by her experience (she mentioned that some nights she’s afraid of sleeping. She just keeps on crying until sunrise, that’s the only time that she feels safe). It must be really really hard to lose someone you can lean on, someone you know will protect you (which is her father). First question that popped up in my head after reading it was “Where’s your mom?”. Her father died, is her mom already dead?

First thing I did was I messaged the admins (it’s private, shhh).

Then, I grabbed some popcorn and read the comments. Nah, just kidding.

The post never mentioned anything about god/God or religion, but the comment section became an arena regarding those topics. For me as an eclectic Wiccan, it is irritating that there are those people would disregard the main issue (which, I think, is rape and abuse) and insensitively say ” It’s in God’s plan”.

This is was posted in the comment section of that thread.

Then…it’s followed by this:

..and that’s when the thread turned into a full blown religious debate.

And there jerks like this asshole:

Why? Why would you associate religion with…that?

I know, UST is a catholic school but still, I don’t really get the essence of why they’d do it. Are they trying to console the rape victim by saying the it’s God’s plan and maybe He have some bigger plans for her? Most of those people simply said “Just pray, it will all go away”. Seriously? I’m not belittling the power of prayer but “I will pray for you” seems more appropriate.

(Some “Christians” even called one of the page admins a hypocrite for studying in a Catholic school when s/he is an atheist. I graduated in a Catholic school during high school, come college I decided to be a Wiccan, nice right?)

When you start a religious debate, it’s never ending and most of the time it just sounds stupid and down right insensitive. As they say, “live and let live”, “to each his own”.

Now for assholes who said she’s stupid for staying silent (and other victim-blaming classics). Well, have you experienced what she experienced? I just wish that thing won’t happen to any of their daughters or sisters.

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5 thoughts on “Planned or Not?

  1. I can’t just click like, and move calmly on from this. I have to give my reason for ‘liking’ it. Reading it churned me up. None of it should have happened, and her confession should have received support and commiseration, not that combination of stupidity and bullying. I was particularly disgusted by the last comment you highlighted. That girl must be feeling worse now than before she shared her heartrending letter. The one thing that is right in all of this, is that you took the trouble to write this post.
    Oh, and that’s a great quote from Epicurus…

    1. she actually left a “part 2” for that confession. she simply said she’s forgiven her brother and those who abused her. she have no plans on telling their mom because she knows how hard their mom’s working to support them. she sounded really peaceful (I can’t think of any better word for it) and forgiving on that second confession. she’s trying to live happily for the people around her, that’s what she said.

      i took the time to write it because abuse and rape almost never gets reported here in our country (regardless if the perpetrator is a family member or not) so confessions like this is like a wake up call. imagine how long she kept it to herself and now that she speak up, although anonymously, it turned into….that.

      1. Thank you for that information; it’s eased my mind. These things should be shouted about; it’s the only way that change can come about. She must have a big heart to be able to forgive such crimes. She sounds like a strong young woman who won’t let the abuse darken her future.
        What country do you live in?

          1. I’ve met a few women from your country who’ve married Englishmen and moved over here to the UK. I find them, in general, to be better educated than us, and to have strong, independent spirits. Respect! … I don’t blame them for leaving the Philippines, although it’s a pity; if they stayed, they could be useful in your battle for women’s rights.

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