Letters For You

Hey Michael,

We started our relationship with something like a trial period. If we last for six months, we’ll extend (renew) it to another six months (contractual jobs, endo anyone?). I don’t know if you already knew it when we first met but one thing’s for sure, you thought I’m so attracted to you that I’d try to put you under a spell.

Well, from our payatot (thin) days ’til now that we’re both getting overweight, one thing didn’t change. Trust. I gave you my trust from the very first time we chatted on Facebook (because you’re my kuya – brother back then) and I still chose to trust you again and again even though I already caught you lying hundred times now. I don’t care much if you tell the truth or not because I always know if you’re lying anyway.

In my gloomy days, I’d imagine how nice it would be to grow old with you and in an instant, there’d be a smile on my face. When you don’t listen to my rants, I’d tell you that I made a wrong choice because you never listen to me but I know you don’t take those it seriously (you would laugh at me then hug me).

I am not the luckiest woman but I know that I asked for someone like you (and again people, be careful with what you wish for, you might get it) 😀 . You know what I mean.

No words can explain how I feel for you because to be honest, it’s a little bit of everything and that’s what makes it unique and special.

I love you and thank you. Thank you for choosing me,

Your forever partner in crime.

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