If there’s one thing that I’m proud of, it’s the fact that I don’t cry in wakes or in funerals. Nope, not even during my grandparents’ wake, or when we received the news that they’re already peace. Why? Because at the back of my mind, I know that someday, we’ll meet again in a different place and time.

Today, it’s the opposite. 

My chest ached and tears fell as learned that one of my subordinates in CAT way back in high school died. I cannot say that he’s a close friend but whenever I see his posts, I’m also rooting for him. Every person that I’ve personally always have a special space in me.

What’s so shocking was he actually was admitted last month in the same hospital where I gave birth. He had some posts while he’s still there, even when he was transferred to ICU but none of those came up in my news feed. Most of those post only have less than 50 likes/reacts. Even when they asked for blood donations, only four or five people commented. Is that a Facebook thing? You only see things when it gained enough attention from others like “hey, your friends are talking about this. look!”

Damn, I have a lot of messy thoughts right now and my chest still feels tight.

Ronesto Bedon, like what they said, at least no more pains. Rest well now.

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