Star Wars : the Last Jedi

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Few days ago, Globe reached out to my husband and they included us in the advanced screening of the newest Star Wars movie that’s set to premiere in the Philippine cinemas on December 15. Earlier, we watched Star Wars: The Last Jedi and for someone who’s not really a fan, the only word that can describe is “satisfying” (except for one thing).

Okay, this is the first (and could be the last) time I attended an advanced screening so I don’t really know what to expect. We arrived at Central Square around half past 2. We asked the lady sitting in front of Cinema 4 and she said we need to wait for the Globe representative who will arrive at 4PM (but according to the text message, movie will start at four).

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Actually, I didn’t have any backup of the original post. This is posted on my blog. I remember that this is a pretty long post, with photos of the freebies we got from Globe ad a video of my husband having fun with the light saber before the movie started. Word document was deleted too so.

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