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New Chapter

Last November 30, 2017, I purchased this domain and started writing posts exclusively here. To be honest, I can’t remember how many posts I posted here in the span of 1 year (because the subscription is for 1 year only). I imported all my old posts from my WordPress.com site, which I started February 2016, here.

One thing that always happen was, just like before, my dark days would stop me from doing anything, including this. I was in the midst of a lot of this back then that I barely cared about having any back ups during that time. Nothing, even the files that I used to have in my laptop. Now that I’m starting again, all I have are the ones that are still in my WordPress.com site.

Right now, I continue losing my memory and yes, I remember posting a few things about this in my old blog. I don’t think it’s a big deal for now. It’s not like an early onset of Alzheimer’s Disease, it’s more like the anesthesia’s effect after having 3 C-sections.

Why am I starting this again? Because I think at one point, I will lose all of it and I want to have something that will remind me of the things that I forgot. Oh right, I remember before, I was planning on getting someone to draw some scenes for me.

Imagine this. You used to remember whole episodes of your favorite show or movie, now you just remember some images or glimpse of it. The “show” or “movie” are the memories you hold dearly, now slowly fading away. Sucks right? Yeah, I know.


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