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Postpone ang Kasal

It all started in Eileen’s wedding day, November 30, 2019. Me, Krizza and Janelle were excited for our dear friend’s wedding. During the ceremony, I prayed that someday, I can also get the church wedding that I want. I laughed to myself knowing how Michael hates getting inside churches, let alone getting married in one because even though he was baptised as a child, he grew up in pagan practices and beliefs. I remember saying “Well, that’s pretty impossible but it’s up to you Lord.”

From that day, I always made comments and jokes about us getting married in a church someday. To my surprise, he agreed. HE ACTUALLY AGREED TO HAVE A CHURCH WEDDING! With worries that he might change his mind, I immediately went to the church to reserve a date. By December 14, 2019, I already secured the Archdiocesan Shrine of the Blessed Sacrament, Our Lady of the Pillar Parish Church – April 18, 2020, for our church wedding.  Both the date and the church were decided by me. Yup, me alone (which turned out to be a wrong move, obviously). Well, again I was worried that he might back out so I have to decide fast. I even told him “You wouldn’t have to do anything. I will prepare everything. You just need to come to the preparation venue and the church on time.”

Church Reservation

I planned this to be the wedding I dreamed of. I want nice church decorations, nice venue, satisfying food, photo and video coverage, prenuptial photo shoot in Caleruega Church (the view is simply breath-taking!), dresses for our entourage, down to the souvenirs and gifts, everything was all me. I rarely bugged him for his opinion because again, he might change his mind.

They say you should never put limits on your dreams, keep on dreaming big. Besides, dreaming is totally free. What comes with a price is putting that dream into reality. Whether you pay it with sweat, tears, and blood, it doesn’t matter. Dreams can turn into reality if you are willing to pay the price. In my dream wedding’s case, it actually comes with the hefty price tag and we simply can’t afford all of it. Yes girl, keep on dreaming.

As days went by, we’re getting more pressured by the fact that we still lack financially and our wedding is less than 2 months from now. Today, we finally decided that we are going to postpone it. Getting to that decision lifted a huge burden on us, both me and Michael.

We even had our invitations ready before we announced it.

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