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Starting my YouTube Channel

Some of you know that I do have my YouTube channel way back 2011. During that time, the only purpose I have for it is to make playlists and make sure that I liked or saved my favorite videos somewhere in my account so that I can easily check them later.

That time, Lloyd Cadena was this young.
Marcelo Santos III’s videos are more on love stories on videos.
And KPop was still dominated by SuJu, 2NE1 and SNSD

I was a college student that time with literally no motivation about anything because it’s been years and I’m battling my own personal battles alone. If I only knew that monetizing your YouTube account that time is way easier compared now, I would’ve done it ahead. Video editing was not my focus. Actually, I’m actually focused on getting out of my rainy days that I barely have any passion for anything at all. Maybe my passion that time was to stay alive. What I love that time was taking stolen photos and videos of my friends. That first videos I posted are us celebrating our treat day and singing on TimeZone.

Hi Kelabs!

With the years to come, all I posted are video clips of my kids growing up. All raw videos, from my phone directly to the platform. Some random videos of us eating somewhere, or a place we went to. No explanation. Nothing. Why? Because it is mainly for me to look back to. It is not meant for other people to actually watch. Well, it’s posted there so they can.

2016, my darkest days started and one escape that I found was blogging, watching vlogs, playing MOBA and cooking hence that main topics that I have here initially are also those but it changed over time. The first Youtubers that I started following this time are: Isha, Anne Clutz, Wil Dasovich and Michelle Dy. Lloyd Cafe Cadena is still here of course. Marcelo Santos III already published several books.

Two years after that, I finally had this yearning to start vlogging. I have the tools, I have the ideas but I don’t know how to put it on screen. I know how to edit but it’s far from the result that I wanted. I didn’t give it much attention because I was also focusing on other things that time, like cooking, sewing and other mom-related stuff.

Another two years went, we’re stuck in quarantine and I was watching this YouTuber who inspired to finally do it. I saw how people are actually achieving their dreams by finally acting on it.

One of the main things that I want to document here is my improvements as a person. On the videos that I already posted, you would rarely see me speaking. One main reason is because I hate how I look like when I talk. How many people do you know actually know how they look when they talk? Well, I even hate speaking in front of people so that I my obstacle as of now.

Another thing is, I wanted to interview people, random people, about their lives. I am not a journalist, I’m just really curious. I wonder how many random people will agree to it though. Few stuff about my kids and that’s it.

As of now, still at 56 subscribers and 11 watch hours. YouTube needs 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours to get monetized. Hopefully, by December this year, I already am monetized. Well, I believe I will be!

That’s it for now. If you found this post before my YouTube channel, go there and please subscribe. What are your thoughts on YouTubers, both small ones and the big ones? Share it in the comment section.

Thank you for stopping by!

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