#SaveLiterature, Daily Post

An inspiration 

On the edge of this book’s cover you can clearly see #SAVELITERATURE. This has become an inspiration for me enhance my writing skills. I’ll tell you why in a separate post.

#SaveLiterature, Tagalog ba?


Tahimik na nakaupo si Isay sa kusina habang nakatingin sa kanyang cellphone. Balisa at paulit ulit na binabasa ang mga text,  tinitignan ang call history at pati na rin ang mga nasa gallery. Alas-dose na ng gabi nang lumabas si Kardo sa kanilang kwarto at tinabihan si Isay.  Inakbayan nya at hinalikan sa ulo ang kanyang asawa.  “Sino ka? ”…

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Weekly Prompt

I’ve been trying to post daily but I really can’t squish it in my daily schedule (2 toddlers and a 4-month-old baby… you know) so I’ll try doing it in a weekly basis instead. I found this in Bloglovin’ and yeah, I’ll be using this one.

#SaveLiterature, Daily Post


She’s slowly walking in the crowded hall filled with lovers slowly dancing to a romantic song. She’s  nervous, this is her first time.  Elegance never worked for her but tonight, she really did her best. Flowing pink gown,  a bit of jewelry and a little trip to a salon for a make over. It’s not as good as how she imagined…

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Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick Review : Mauvey

I’ve been craving for new lipsticks for almost two weeks now and I kept on checking different brands and colors. I’m not a make up junkie and I’m a bit color blind when it comes to lipsticks so I usually  check reviews on a certain  brand and specific hue before deciding.  I usually  check how a certain  lip color look…

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