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Classic Polvoron

December 2016, I landed a one-time freelance job wherein I earned Php 10,500 ($207.70) in just four days. I am not joking (but I can’t tell any info about the job). Since I know that that kind of opportunity may not happen again, I decided to buy stuff that I can use to start a small business with small capital.…

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Mango Custard on His 5th Month

This is one of the posts that stayed way too long on The Drafts. This was for my son’s 5th month (remember the no-bake fudgee cake? ) and I got so busy. Well, here it is. For the ingredients, we need: 1 cup fresh milk (or evaporated milk) 1 pack all purpose cream 1/4 cup condensed milk 2 medium sized…

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Rui’s 5th month

Last October 6, we celebrated Rui’s 5th month. We prepared pasta and mango jelly (I’m not sure of the name). I was supposed to make a no-bake black forest but I’m worried that Erika and Alexis would eat too much of it.  They just finished medication for tonsilitis so…   Later that night, CJ came home with this black forest cake…

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