Meet the Author

It was a hot afternoon, my kids are sleeping and I finally got my few minutes “free time”.

Like most people my age, I usually waste my time looking at my Facebook news feed looking at what’s going on on other people’s lives, checking my batch mates and looking for new books on sale in my favorite online store.

After few minutes in it, I saw my cousin’s status update. The status that I’m going to share here is not the first status that inspired me in some way but this one hits me hard.

After reading this, I asked myself “Where am I good at? ” and I realized that there’s none. Yes, I can do many things but I’m not good at it.

At that moment, I tried remembering the things that I used to do every time. High school days was filled with reading books, drawing, story writing and cooking. All of the drawings and sketches that I have were stolen, I don’t even know what that guy would do to those simple drawings of animes. That deheartened me, I rarely made any new drawings or sketches aftert that. The stories that I wrote, on the other hand… well, I never get to finish any of those. And the notebook where I wrote them? It was lost too. Cooking is just so so, cant say I’m good at it too. College days, on the other hand, was filled with… procrastinating, sleeping, cutting classes and all those stuff. Hey! I still read books that time, even until now.

Well, how can I actually earn by reading books? I don’t know. Is there anyone who’s actually “good” at reading books?

My name is Arianne and this is where I’ll start finding out.